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Natural hair is not texturized, relaxed or chemically altered

There are some pros and cons to chemically altering your hair. Texturizing your hair may look more manageable and cute than naturally curly hair, but it is not natural. Relaxers and texturizers permanently change the structure of your hair and alter the natural curl pattern. While chemically altered hair can still be beautiful, you shouldn’t let it ruin your natural hair’s health.

For one thing, the benefits of going natural far outweigh the cons. If you’re uncomfortable with short hairstyles, going natural can help you transition. Relaxed hair eventually falls out and the natural texture will take its place. This process can be accelerated by cutting relaxed ends as new growth grows. Moreover, going natural can help you learn how to properly care for curly hair.
It is not relaxed or chemically altered

To some, natural hair is a way of expressing oneself. It is hair that is in its natural state when born. It is undamaged by chemical treatments or relaxation. Hence, it is naturally textured and colored. The only thing that differs it from chemically altered hair is its length. But, this does not mean that natural hair does not have its own benefits. Here are some of these advantages.

The biggest difference between natural hair and relaxed hair is the chemical products used in the process. Chemicals are used in relaxing hair to make it more manageable, whereas natural hair is free of these additives. This type of hairstyle is harmful to the African-American community, and lockdowns have been occurring throughout the country since March 2020. The women who wore relaxed hair had to do it themselves. It is important to note that relaxed hair is easier to manage, and it costs less than natural hair.