The Ethics of a Fish Pedicure

While some people swear by fish pedicures, environmentalists and health experts question the practice. While Garra rufa fish feed naturally on dead skin, they may be starving in a salon setting. They may also be ingesting toxic substances during the treatments. Some argue that the practice is unnecessary and can actually cause harmful effects. Regardless … Read more

Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure begins with a warm foot bath to soothe tired muscles and soften hard skin. The nail and toenail bed are sterilized, and the toenails and cuticles are cut to minimize the chance of ingrown nails. A medical pedicure can also address conditions such as thick soles, corns, or bunions. It is not … Read more

How to Do Pedicure at Home

If you’ve ever wanted a pedicure but don’t have time to go to the salon, don’t worry! There are several easy-to-use tools you can use at home. These items include Baking soda, Foot files, Pumice stone, and creams. Regardless of the type of pedicure you’d like to try, these products will give your toes that … Read more

Hygiene Activities For Kids

Many school counselors are asked to talk about hygiene with specific classes or to a class of kids. While each school may have different procedures regarding hygiene, it is still important to teach kids about proper hygiene. School counselors can teach kids simple activities to practice daily and make hygiene fun. Here are some examples … Read more

The Importance of Personal Hygiene

Keeping a clean body and mind is vital to your overall health and well-being. Personal hygiene includes keeping skin clean and healthy, taking care of teeth and mouth, cleaning ears, and caring for hands, feet, and nails. Your skin is your body’s armor and it should be kept as clean as possible to prevent the … Read more

Hair Care Tips – How to Care For Your Hair

If you’re looking for some simple hair care tips, you’ve come to the right place. These tips cover Shampooing, Conditioning, Pre-shampoo treatments, and brushing. These simple practices will dramatically improve the appearance of your hair. Regardless of your hair type, you can improve it in a few days. Just remember to follow these tips religiously, … Read more

Natural Hair Dictionary

The Natural Hair Community LLC is the owner of the Natural Hair Dictionary. The dictionary is authorized for use in any media by the community, including newspapers, magazines, and the internet. All information, including text and photographs, is the property of Natural Hair Community LLC. Natural Hair Dictionary is not intended for use by doctors, … Read more

How to Repair a Dyed Hair Treatment

The first step in repairing a dyed hair treatment is to trim it regularly. While color-treated hair is susceptible to damage, regular trims will help prevent breakage and split ends. Also, regular trims will prevent the development of frizzy ends, which are a symptom of damage. For the best results, trim color-treated hair before the … Read more

Hair Dye Problems For Brunettes

Hair dyes often don’t come out as planned. Don’t feel bad – you’re not the only one! Even if you’ve done it yourself before, you’ve likely experienced problems with your dye job. This is particularly true for brunettes who are more likely to make mistakes when dyeing their hair. This blunder is more difficult to … Read more